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Mission Statement

Focusing exclusively on the Final Mile, TForce Logistics combines the highest quality local delivery partners, industry leading processes and constantly evolving technology with committed employees to provide optimal solutions for our customers’ unique needs.


Trust and Honesty
Our business is built on integrity. We are absolutely honest with our clients, our partners and each other.

Work Life Balance
Enjoy what you do and work hard at it. Family, now and always, comes first.

Responsibility and Empowerment
Knowledge is power. Each of us has full understanding of all aspects of our business. Each of us has the responsibility of making the decisions that will affect our success.

Our commitment to every customer is Sustainable Excellence. Our job is to ensure every program has the right resources to support those commitments.

Our dynamic industry is built on custom solutions for unique needs. We must constantly innovate to be of value to our customers.

Success comes in three parts, when our customer, our partners and our company benefit from the solution we put in place.